Locomotive Air Management Solutions


Creating air management solutions that can keep pace with the rigors of some of the harshest treatment of any power equipment takes a proven team of experts and an uncompromising commitment to quality manufacturing.

Not only are locomotives routinely subjected to extreme vibration forces, extended harsh temperature and weather situations, but the simple nature of rail operations--where every coupling creates the force of a 5G crash--takes its toll. 

Custom Locomotive Air Management, Designed for Your Needs

UniversalAET is globally recognized for providing customer-centric custom solutions for the changing locomotive industry. Deep industry expertise enables UniversalAET to offer locomotive design engineers technical expertise, quality and service in a wide range of acoustic, emissions and filtration solutions. 

We help customers meet noise and emission requirements while ensuring the needed high degree of clean air to their equipment.

We can help you with:

  • Engine Silencers
  • Oxidation Catalysts
  • Fabrication and Machining