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UniversalAET Collects Cans for AdamCan Recycling to Support Local Resident

Instead of tossing their soda cans into the recycling bin for pickup by the local garbage company, UniversalAET employees save their cans for AdamCan Recycling.

damCan Recycling is named after Adam Notstad, a Stoughton resident who ha
s a rare chromosomal disorder and special needs. The business crushes and recycles aluminum cans while educating businesses and the local community on the environmental impact of recycling. Adam’s mom, Deb Notstad, runs the business with Adam.

This year, UniversalAET staff who work at the Stoughton, Wis., offices contributed 5,122 cans (155.2 pounds) to AdamCan. Last year, the staff collected 5,773 cans (175 pounds).

In addition to Universal, AdamCan collected cans from 55 other Dane County businesses last year and recycled 4,024 pounds (2 tons) of aluminum, a 10.2 percent increase from 2013.

AdamCan is currently working with Working Opportunity in Rural Communities (WORC) to raise funds for a new can crusher to better meet the demands of the recycling business. We’d like to give a shout out to Cummins Inc., which will fund half the cost of developing the machine and has offered a dollar-for-dollar match.

If you would like to support AdamCan with a donation, mail it to WORC, 1955 W. Broadway, #100, Monona, WI 53713.

For more information about AdamCan Recycling, email or call 608.513.5050. You can also like its Facebook page. There’s also a great video about the business on AdamCan’s YouTube channel.