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UniversalAET Completes Baffle Project for Gainesville (Florida) Utility

Universal Acoustic & Emission Technologies recently completed a baffle installation project for a turbine exhaust system at Gainesville Regional Utilities in Gainesville, Florida.

Exhaust baffles, an internal component in the stack that quiets the exhaust air, usually are the first part to fail in a turbine exhaust system. If they aren’t replaced when they wear out, debris can fall to the bottom of the stack, harming equipment or obstructing the air flow and exiting the top of the stack. Broken baffles can raise system back pressure, disrupt air flow and reduce acoustic performance. Baffle Project

Contact us today to learn how our easy-to-install modular baffle design protects all edges of the perforated sheet from the flow, extending baffle life. We’ll also remove your old baffles and install the new ones. Email or call 888-300-4272 to reach our staff.

View our Turbine Baffle Replacement Flyer to learn more about baffles.