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Universal Engineers Present Technical Paper at GMRC

Two UniversalAET engineers presented their latest technical paper during a breakout session for attendees of the Gas Machinery Research Council (GMRC) Conference in Austin, Texas.

Structural Engineer Agron E. Gjinolli and  Vice President & Chief Technical Officer Cary Bremigan presented "Analytical Processes for High-Performance Catalytic Exhaust Systems," which was also authored by former UniversalAET engineer Jay Warner. 

The GMRC Conference provides three days of technical training and presentations, presented by the industry's leading subject matter experts. UniversalAET staff members are exhibiting the company's custom-engineered air management solutions for the gas industry, which we design for any power source: generator, turbine or engine. Stop by our booth to learn more about our systems and services, including gas turbine noise control, diesel and gas engine noise control, vent and blowdown silencers, catalytic emissions treatment, inlet air filtration, ASME Code pressure vessels and more.