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UniversalAET Engineers to Present Turbine Exhaust System Paper at ISOPE 2015 Conference

On Tuesday, June 23, a UniversalAET engineer will present a paper he co-wrote with three staff members on turbine exhaust system analysis and design at the 25th annual International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference (ISOPE) June 21-26 in Kona, Hawaii.

This event promotes engineering and scientific progress in the fields of interdisciplinary offshore, ocean and polar engineering. ISOPE is one of the largest of its kind in the world, with numerous refereed papers.

Titled “Offshore Requirements for Turbine Exhaust System Analysis and Design,” the paper was written by UniversalAET’s Agron E. Gjinolli, Structural Engineer; Elden Ray, Acoustician; Cary Bremigan, Chief Technical Officer; and Bruce J. Morris, Chief Customer Engineer.

Gjinolli will present the paper during the portion of the conference focusing on Safety and Reliability: System Design.

Gjinolli is a structural engineer with more than 30 years’ progressive experience and responsibility in structural analysis and design, structural condition assessment, R&D, destructive and NDT testing, construction observations and structural repair techniques for buildings and non-building structures. Past projects include numerous commercial, institutional, industrial, power generation, and oil and gas structural assemblies and systems. He specializes in FE structural modeling; linear and non-linear analysis and structural design; FE analysis and design of power generation and above-the-deck oil and gas industry assemblies and structures; structural condition and assessments of heavy, non-building structural steel support systems; the root cause of structural problems; and sustainable design. He has a master’s degree in structural engineering.

Ray has more than 35 years’ experience in noise control engineering, including product design and development, R&D, performance and certification testing, acoustical modeling, and analyses of equipment and industrial facilities specializing in power plants. He is Board Certified by Institute of Noise Control Engineers (INCE). His expertise includes aerodynamic design and analyses of ducted systems including heat transfer. He has written test protocols for both clients and governmental/regulatory agencies. Ray has degrees in engineering and architecture, as well as electro-mechanical-fluid systems experience.

In his role, Bremigan focuses on product and technical strategy. UniversalAET practices an open innovation model for the development of new products and technologies, involving external partner companies; Bremigan leads this effort by working closely with these partner organizations to establish the relationship, and to ensure goals and objectives are aligned. His 25-plus years in engineering and product development ranges from invention & concept generation to new product launch. This experience has been gained across several industries, including industrial electronics & controls, medical electronics, automotive, oil and gas, and power generation. Bremigan has a master’s degree in electrical engineering and belongs to the Society of Automotive Engineers as well as the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Morris has more than 25 years’ experience designing and delivering industrial products in the petrochemical and power industries. He is the technical lead for a major OEM customer, providing expertise in combustion turbine exhaust systems and accessories. His in-depth experience and knowledge in acoustics, aerodynamics and exhaust after-treatment contribute to his abilities to quickly develop designs that meet or exceed customer expectations. Morris, a member of ASME, has developed and designed equipment complying with local and state laws and ordinances, as well as national and international specifications and standards, while working with customers to establish the appropriate mix of system configuration, performance and compliance needs.

UniversalAET provides custom-engineered total solutions for noise control, emissions and air filtration. Visit its website to learn more about its turbine exhaust systems.