Complete Air Management

We have your complete air management solutions

Providing clean, quiet air to support today’s industrial, rail transportation and utility power generation needs – in a manner that minimizes environmental impact and ensures safety – requires a fresh approach and innovative thinking. At UniversalAET, we’re driven to meet those standards.

We offer complete, custom-engineered air management solutions for industrial power, utility, oil & gas, backup power and locomotive use.

There’s a lot behind that 18-word description.

By complete, we mean we engineer and build complete solutions that go well beyond the fabrication of silencing, filtration and emission components. Our solutions start with initial project conceptualization, planning and design and don’t end until the project is operational and producing as expected. We comprise the highest quality intake and exhaust components, either manufactured by us or under our exact supervision, then are packaged with services that can include demolition of existing equipment, installation and ongoing maintenance services.

UniversalAET can reduce cost, eliminate integration issues, offer better project management and deliver superior after-sale service with our total solution focus. By placing you first, listening to your quality, cost and delivery requirements, we can provide a better solution. We offer you specially engineered acoustic and emission systems, filtration solutions and enclosures all matched to your specific needs and requirements, delivered as a single solution. We promise manufactured components with unmatched quality, complete engineering and design support, and more than a half century of proven experience.