Complete Air Management Solutions for Locomotive

Your needs, on time and on a budget

Universal AET has more than 500 years of combined engineering and design experience to help solve the most challenging air management needs of locomotive manufacturers, including exhaust silencers, manifolds and scroll assemblies. Our long history and proven global experience with the rail transport industry gives us the unique ability to offer your locomotive design engineers technical expertise, quality and service in a wide range of acoustic, emissions and filtration solutions.

With equipment facing some of the harshest treatment of any power equipment on a daily basis, having reliable air management solutions is critical. Creating air management solutions that can keep pace with the rigors of this operating environment takes a proven team of experts and an uncompromising commitment to quality manufacturing.

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By owning the manufacturing aspect of air management components, Universal AET ensures you the unmatched quality and cost-effectiveness that comes from in-house control of the manufacturing process. Our geographically-optimized manufacturing locations help keep production and shipping costs low and ensure rapid delivery of key project components. Our willingness to assume the role of partner in any project offers you peace of mind and the assurance that your project will be completed on time and on budget.